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My clients have ranged from small business owners to large corporations to local  small start ups with big dreams. No matter who I work with, the goal is always the same: to help my clients connect with their audience in a meaningful and authentic way. Whether it’s working with businesses to develop their logo and identity systems, or creating custom designs for a new line of apparel for a brand, I am passionate about collaborating with others to turn their vision into reality.


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My mission is to be an integral part of my clients’ projects and make each design unique. I am able to achieve this because no two client designs are ever the same. I create pieces that express the individual style of my clients, and there is no limit to the style, color, creativity, or fonts I incorporate. Do you want traditional, trendy, or funky stationery? Are you looking for a unique design to express your brand? I am able to create exactly what you want, the way you want it, without limiting your vision or creative ideas.


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Please leave a short description of your creative vision & please send any attachments directly to: DeenaM76@gmail.com

Call or Text: (914) 260-5507


Call or Text: (914) 260-5507

White Plains, NY 10602

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